“Locka makes you look good to feel great”

LOCKA is a Malaysian-based clothing brand established in 2015 by Creative Director Shukri Shari with the foresight of providing trendy and current clothing. From a single collection in 2015, LOCKA has now expanded into 70 collections in its 4-year infancy stage and has anchored on the shores of Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

LOCKA proudly produces its pieces in Malaysia and firmly believes that fine designs and taste should not be determined by price tags. Individuality, authenticity and utmost comfort are at the heart of LOCKA’s philosophy. These positive values are evident in every stage; from the well-thought-out designs to structured tailoring, made-to-last quality and quality production.

Locka Atelier

LOCKA is not just a line of clothes with a label. A series of thoughts, ideas, experiments and explorations are gone through before we put our name to a design–and the label is not stitched on just any design. Quality is of utmost importance and to ensure superiority in our art, every LOCKA piece is conceived in-house from start to finish. LOCKA atelier is where the magic happens. Everything is executed entirely by trained hands and our tailors are responsible for the making of LOCKA. They work behind the scenes cutting, stitching and pressing  and each piece is produced with love and passion. Made by LOCKA, made in Malaysia. Made exclusively for you.