Have you ever tried on a top that you like only to be disappointed because it did not fit you perfectly? Or perhaps see a beautiful dress that you have reservations on trying because it shows too much skin? We have all been there but worry no more for LOCKA's Body Bandage and Leggings are the answers to your styling troubles!


Made of 92% cotton and 2% spandex, the body-shaping top and bottom duo act like a second skin by stretching up to 10 inches it's actual size to wraps your flabs. We are NOT saying it's a magical garment that makes the gym unnecessary but if you are looking for a quick fix,...

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KUALA LUMPUR, 28th OCTOBER 2018– LOCKA announces today that the label will début its much-anticipated denim line, LOCKA Jeans. The launch will commence at 3pm, at Fashionvalet Publika, and is expected to draw a crowd of 300, comprising celebrities, social media influencers and LOCKA's clients.


Curves, hips, derrières and diversity are the standout themes that will take centre stage at the event. Denims are re-imagined and re-engineered to honour women of all shapes and sizes. Every body is celebrated and with LOCKA Jeans, LOCKA aims at uniting women through their differences and uniqueness, sending out an empowering...

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Rome was not built in a day. LOCKA, too, was not built in a day. It all started when LOCKA came up with Baju Kurung for Hari Raya in 2016. Back then, we were an unknown brand trying to carve out a name. Fast forward to the present, we actually received inquiries on the release of Locka Raya Collection months before Ramadhan! It's gratifying to know that within the span of 2 years, LOCKA has grown extensively and is fast gaining recognition among consumers.

We are pleased to know that LOCKA is not only sought after by Malaysians; our designs are indeed going places and crossing continents. Locka Raya 2018 has reached the shores of...

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What's on the horizon for Syawal 2018? From statement-making prints to luxurious fabrics, the
line-up from LOCKA Raya 2018 explodes with a fresh take on your favourite trends. Take a look at
the 6 hottest trends on the runway of Gaya Koleksi Raya 2018 that you need to know to stay in style
this Syawal.

With a reputation for being frilly and feminine, it is no surprise that lace is often associated with
bridal-wear or the boudoir. However, this Syawal, it's a regular fashion staple. Whether it's a
shoulder-to- ankle full lace modern Baju Kurung or a traditional Kebaya with a touch of lace, this

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Believe it or not, Raya mood is still in the air with lemang, ketupat and rendang still dominating dining tables. For the LOCKA team, it's back to the cutting tables, inspiration boards & fittings on mannequins. Truth be told, it does take a while to recover from the frenzy and festivity of Ramadhan and Syawal.

So how does one jump back into working mode? Start by dressing like the professional career woman that you are. When you are dressed for work, you are mentally telling yourself that play time's over and it's time to get serious. Simultaneously, you are also sending signals to others that you mean business, motivating them to...

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Ramadhan is a month that the LOCKA team looks forward to. There is a sense of togetherness as the blessed month undeniably brings family and friends closer through buka puasa, sahur and tarawih. We may work 10am-10pm and may, to a certain extent, miss out on the bonding part with our loved ones but with the setting up of LOCKA Pop Up Stores, we have made beautiful and meaningful friendships with our customers.

True, Ramadhan even brings strangers together. The location is a no-brainer; one in Petaling Jaya and the other in Kuala Lumpur. The Curve and KLCC are chosen as they are strategically-situated in the heart of both very busy...

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Come Ramadhan, it has become a tradition for us since 2015 to call the Centre Courts of Suria KLCC and The Curve as
second homes. These places are where you will find us most of the time but hey, no complaints! However, there is more
to it than just making sales. There is a real satisfaction in meeting and connecting with customers, giving pointers as to
what works on them and what doesn't. Often times, we receive feedbacks and we appreciate comments that help us to
grow and improve. Ramadhan is indeed a blessed month as we get to meet people from all walks of life at our Pop Up
Stores. Syawal is a celebration of a successful...

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Raya is often a great - and probably the only - opportunity to bring your loved ones together in one space and one seating. It's naturally organic to want to look your best during this time of the year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing to impress and leaving a lasting impression is what we, at LOCKA, do best.

LOCKA Raya 2018 focuses on simple clean lines. The collection pays homage to conventional shapes and cuts with classic names like Rokia, Cempaka & Sarima. Come Raya, you will be decked in all your fineries but post-Raya, where do these clothes go? They end up in tacky laundry covers, hanging in your...

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