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Ramadhan is a month that the LOCKA team looks forward to. There is a sense of togetherness as the blessed month undeniably brings family and friends closer through buka puasa, sahur and tarawih. We may work 10am-10pm and may, to a certain extent, miss out on the bonding part with our loved ones but with the setting up of LOCKA Pop Up Stores, we have made beautiful and meaningful friendships with our customers.

True, Ramadhan even brings strangers together. The location is a no-brainer; one in Petaling Jaya and the other in Kuala Lumpur. The Curve and KLCC are chosen as they are strategically-situated in the heart of both very busy...

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What's on the horizon for Syawal 2018? From statement-making prints to luxurious fabrics, the
line-up from LOCKA Raya 2018 explodes with a fresh take on your favourite trends. Take a look at
the 6 hottest trends on the runway of Gaya Koleksi Raya 2018 that you need to know to stay in style
this Syawal.

With a reputation for being frilly and feminine, it is no surprise that lace is often associated with
bridal-wear or the boudoir. However, this Syawal, it's a regular fashion staple. Whether it's a
shoulder-to- ankle full lace modern Baju Kurung or a traditional Kebaya with a touch of lace, this

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'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' 

A common question in job interviews. If you posed to us the same question when we first started in 2015, never in our wildest dream would we have thought that we would be in Dubai after just three years in the industry.

So when FashionValet approached us for a stint in Dubai, there was no hesitation; our answer was an immediate yes! Dubai has grown to be one of the major forces to be reckoned with in terms of modestwear and a chance to showcase 'Made in Malaysia' products is an opportunity of a lifetime that must be grabbed!

For the Islamic Fashion Design Council 2018 show, we chose to...

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A quick search of the word 'pleat' is all it will take to convince you that pleats — micro and otherwise — have most definitely returned to the fashion fold. Thankfully, the fabric-creasing technique has evolved and no longer reminds us of ol' pop's pants. Pleats are now played and plied with a modern interpretation.

Pleats are great for fashionably hiding yourself away or showcasing your boldest, most mainstream self. In LOCKA's case of tunics and dresses, it's a combination of both; they add a suble flair that instantly elevate your dailywear and take your style to greater heights yet they allow you to blend in seamlessly...

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