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Believe it or not, Raya mood is still in the air with lemang, ketupat and rendang still dominating dining tables. For the LOCKA team, it's back to the cutting tables, inspiration boards & fittings on mannequins. Truth be told, it does take a while to recover from the frenzy and festivity of Ramadhan and Syawal.

So how does one jump back into working mode? Start by dressing like the professional career woman that you are. When you are dressed for work, you are mentally telling yourself that play time's over and it's time to get serious. Simultaneously, you are also sending signals to others that you mean business, motivating them to...

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A doctor’s life isn’t easy but Dr Amalina Bakri sure has a way to make it look fun. In between her trainings to become a surgeon, she manages to remain chic without missing a beat. Aside from making headlines in Malaysia for her strings of accomplishments, the good doctor is also a common sight in the fashion scene of London where she is now based. We could not have been more proud and thrilled when she opted to showcase our Caroline Suit at London Fashion Week 2018. The perfect pairing of Malaysian pride and Malaysian product.

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Gone are the days when suits have to be straight and in black or white. Fashion no longer dictates that business and leisure can’t share the same wardrobe. Update your suit shelf with LOCKA’s array of suits that comes in varying cuttings, prints and colours. Our latest offering, the One-Shoulder Ruffled Suit, is worth highlighting. Tailored for women on the go, the suit goes beyond 9 to 5 and takes your from the office to off-duty. If you are concerned about flashing some flesh, layer the top over our Body Bandage. The best accessory that goes with this look? Confidence.

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Casual-dressing is often associated with laidback, unattractive clothes. In principle, your casual style does not have to be frumpy. It seems like a natural decision for Puteri Zarith to wear the Diamond Jumper while hosting a birthday party. A host undisputedly needs a practical but presentable attire and our diamond-studded pullover is a balanced blend of both. It is fuss-free for relaxed settings like a party yet fancy enough to look like you’ve put some thought into your outfit. After all, comfort and style should go hand in hand. No need to sacrifice one to make room for the other.

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